Steve Crawford – Chicken & Blues

Chicken & Blues is an ambitious young business, which offers a fresh take on the traditional Chicken shop.

Having successfully launched the first Chicken & Blues outlet in Boscombe with the support of a government backed Start Up Loan from Outset Finance, owner Steve Crawford was eager to expand the business through franchising, firstly across the South and then nationally.

Steve worked closely with our sister service, GetSet for Growth Bournemouth to iron out the details of the franchise model, and with the help of another Start Up Loan from Outset Finance, the second outlet in the Chicken & Blues franchise was born.

Based in Winton, this outlet is now on track to achieve sales in excess of £0.5 million in its first year and has already added 17 jobs to the Bournemouth economy.

Chicken & Blues has recently secured another franchisee, who is currently in the process of applying for a Start Up Loan to launch an outlet in Poole.

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